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Is TVFix The REAL DEAL or Just Another SCAM?

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I knew the rest of my night was ruined as soon as I opened my mailbox and saw another overpriced cable bill.

“Great”, I thought… “As if cable isn’t already expensive enough, I know I will be charged more money by my greedy cable company for the same channels that I’ve always had!”

And I was right. The average cable package in 2019 is over $190 a month. By contrast, the average cost of cable in 2010 was only $75 – that’s a 153% price increase in price in only 9 years.

But that’s not all... A new market trends report released in October 2019 caught cable companies in the act of using hidden fees to raise prices by 24% a month! This includes Comcast, Charter, Cox, Frontier, Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, WOW, ImOn, and other major cable providers.

This frustrating news means you’re paying your cable company over $2,250 a year.

Angered by rising cable costs every year, I wondered: Is there a way I can cut my shady cable provider but still have access to all of my favorite shows and movies?

Read on, dear reader, read on…

TVFix – It’s The Latest... But Is It Also The Greatest?

TVFix Caster

TVFix - a recently leaked device that allows you to watch anything from your phone on your television in FULL HD - has been getting a ton of rave reviews from all of the tech websites lately. But does TVFix really live up to all the hype?

Here at Best Honest reviews, we got early access to a TVFix and decided to put the device through a series of real-world tests. We also compared it to its most highly reviewed competitor (I can’t name them for legal reasons, but you know the one…)

First, let’s take a look at what TVFix claims to do for you:

  • It allows you to cast any show, movie, or video from your mobile device or computer onto your television screen. Simply plug it into your television’s HDMI and USB ports and it’s ready to go! That’s it, there are no programs to install, no manuals to read, and no passwords that are impossible to remember
  • It can even cast games and apps from the app store - no need to squint at your phone screen anymore
  • It works with any mobile device, tablet, and Mac or Windows computer
  • It plays in brilliant 1080 HD quality, providing you with the clearest picture possible

Another great feature to the TVFix is that it DOES NOT violate your privacy by showing invasive targeted ads from your most recent Google search unlike its top competitor...

These are all great features, but what really matters most is how well the device performs. That’s why I tested it so you don’t have to!

Trial #1: Need For Speed

One of the most highly praised features of the TVFix is its speed. They claim that TVFix is the fastest casting device on the market. So I decided to put these claims to the test.

I ran SPEED TESTS using the same mobile device and television screen to see which device worked faster, the TVFix or its most popular competitor.

I really wasn’t expecting to see much difference here, but the TVFix performed amazingly well! It connected my mobile device to the television 20% faster than the competition.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to sit around waiting for their device to connect to watch their favorite show or movie after a long day at work. So the faster the job gets done, the better! I have to say, I was highly impressed with the speed of the TVFix.

As luck would have it, it started to rain as I was testing the speed performance of the different devices. My cable subscription would frequently cut out during storms, even if it was just light rain and some wind.

When I plugged in the TVFix and turned on a show, I was pleased to be greeted with crystal clear HD and no lag or interference whatsoever! Finally, I can curl up on the couch during a thunderstorm and watch my favorite movie.

Winner: TVFix

Trial #2: Easy Does It

Next, I compared the TVFix with its nearest competitor for EASE OF USE. While both devices are easy to plug into the TV and use, there are still some factors that can make them either a pleasure or a pain to use.

To test this, I drove to my mother’s house and had her try to set up both TVFix and the competitor’s device. She isn’t the most tech-savvy person, so if she could successfully set up TVFix, I knew that anyone could!

First, she set up the TVFix by plugging the device in to her television’s USB and HDMI ports. When she turned on the television, she was instantly able to stream her favorite show right to her TV. No need to download an app to her phone, enter any codes or passwords, or put up with a long loading time like she would have to do with the competitor’s casting device.

There’s no doubt that TVFix is much simpler to set up and use, and doesn’t require you to wade through a seemingly endless number of steps to even be able to use the device.

Winner: TVFix

TVFix Caster

What Really Makes All The Difference: PRIVACY

Have you ever watched a YouTube video or a Netflix show and gotten hit with ads for products you searched for earlier in the week? It feels a bit invasive and creepy, especially when you browsed on your computer and saw ads for related products on your phone, for example. Personally, I feel very uncomfortable when I Google something and next thing I know I’m getting non-stop ads for that product for the next two months.It almost feels as if Google is spying on me!

I want to be able to turn on my favorite show and not have to worry about my devices tracking my every move. When it comes to casting devices, PRIVACY is what separates the BEST from the REST.

At the end of the day, I want my casting device to be just that - a casting device. Not a tracker that sells my data to big companies who shove invasive ads in my face. Not only did TVFix perform great in every category, but it’s completely independent of those big companies who love to collect your data and invade your privacy. However, the other competitor is a product directly from one of those data-stealing companies!

Is TVFix Actually Worth Cutting Your Cable?

To say I’m a fan of TVFix is an understatement. This device works faster, easier, and protects your privacy better than the top competitor. Not only that, but TVFix can save me thousands of dollars every year since I can cut my cable subscription!

My only complaint is that this is a new product, so there hasn’t been much feedback on the product, primarily on what can go wrong. But there’s a warranty offered, and a money-back guarantee, so you can return this antenna if it doesn’t meet your standards.

I highly recommend anyone who is tired of rising cable costs and creepy advertising to pick up a TVFix. I’ve actually already ordered one for my mom, who loved using the device when I had her test it out.

TVFix is not a SCAM, this TV caster is the real deal.

TVFix Caster

Get Your Hands on a TVFix Before It’s Too Late

I was lucky to grab a TVFix before it was well-known, but since I wrote this review the device has become extremely popular across the country. Even celebrities are scrambling to get their hands on one of these miracle devices! TVFix’s are almost always sold out on their official website, but they just restocked earlier this month so get an order in before it’s too late!

Remember: One of the biggest higlights right now for TVFix Caster is 100% Money Back Guarantee. There’s really no reason to not buy this antenna now.

Editor’s Note: August 15, 2020 - TVFix recently noticed this review and reached out to me directly! They gave me a link to their online store with a HUGE EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT applied, up to 50% off, that you can use RIGHT NOW!

I’ve updated the article to reflect this fantastic discount. No coupon code required, just click the link below and the discount is automatically applied!

What Others are Saying... (Verified Buyers)

stars Roger F. – Granada Hills, California  August 23, 2020
TVFix is amazing! I was getting rooked by the big cable companies every month. Well, I said “goodbye” to cable bills, but not my favorite shows! TVFix is positively fantastic!
stars Austin H. - Fort Worth, Texas  August 22, 2020
TVFix was so easy to set up! Listen, I’m not computer specialist, or anything like that. When it comes to tech, I’m completely clueless. But the setup with TVFix was so easy, even an old Luddite like myself could do it. It couldn’t have been easier!
stars Clarice N. - Peoria, Illinois  August 22, 2020
Cable bills were really getting me down. I hated having to pay for a ton of channels that I never even watched. But thanks to TVFix, I can watch the shows I want to watch, without having to pay for all the junk. It really has transformed the way I watch TV, and for the better!
stars Mark G. - Tampa, Florida  August 20, 2020
TVFix freakin’ rocks! Some of the major football games weren’t available on TV in my area, so I was stuck with watching them on my tiny cellphone screen. But now with TVFix, I can watch the big game right on my giant TV! Instead of squinting at a tiny screen, I now throw viewing parties with all my friends. I wouldn’t go back to cable if you paid me a million bucks!
starsPete G. - Boston, Massachusetts August 19, 2020
I love the TVFix and I have one installed on every TV in my home! Flawless casting for Youtube, Netflix, Twitch, etc. You can find Android apps that you can use to beam just about any video to your TV.
starsHeidi K. - San Diego, California August 16, 2020
Switching from Hulu to Netflix to Sling TV to Youtube is INSTANT. No interruptions and loading is quick! The big boys like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix come in perfect. I would pay twice as much for this thing!

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